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February 7, 2024
Marketing measurement in 2024

Winners and losers in a changing measurement landscape TL;DR cookies are going away and we're not sad about it (they weren't as effective as they promised to be anyhow) but modern marketers still need to adjust their measurement strategy. As of right now, organizations can rely on experimentation, mixed media modeling, qualitative surveys, and monitoring business performance (in addition to cookies, as long as we have them). We believe marketing teams that fully embrace experimentation and other statistical measurement techniques in 2024 and beyond are going to win against teams delaying the transition away from cookies. A culture of experimentation is the only way for marketers to win going forward.

7 minute read
Eric Sloan
January 16, 2024
We talk to Google about the future of Google in 2024

We’ve handled billions of ad dollars on the Google platform alone for our clients so it might not surprise you to learn that: A) we’re deeply invested in what the future of Google advertising holds.

5 minute read
Santana Blanchette
January 12, 2024
How to identify and avoid online job scams

With more job seekers searching for remote roles, the prevalence of scammers targeting them is on the rise. This week we were made aware of a concerning recruitment scam where external parties are posing as Thrive Digital team members and making offers of employment. These scams request sensitive information and also attempt to lure victims to fake websites and cryptocurrency investment schemes.

2 minute read
Saudat Atta
December 28, 2023
How is AI going to impact Meta advertising in 2024?

TL;DR In 2024, Meta is intensifying its use of artificial intelligence (AI) in advertising, notably through its new Advantage+ suite of automated ad products and the AI Sandbox.

7 minute read
Akshita Tripathi
December 18, 2023
An expert Q&A about performance marketing on Meta

Oh Meta. It can be a complicated landscape to navigate full of options, audience types, functionalities, and ever changing rules. But on the other hand, it’s also a very necessary and important platform in your performance marketing mix. Luckily for you, it’s literally our job to navigate those changes. So we interviewed one of our Performance Strategists, Raneesha Peiris, to get her best advice on how to work in the Meta platforms.

4 minute read
Santana Blanchette
December 6, 2023
An expert Q&A about digital advertising for e-commerce

As any e-commerce marketer can tell you, digital advertising is one of the most important tools in their toolkit. This is even more true during big sale periods like Black Friday/Cyber Monday or Boxing Day. Nailing those sales can make or break profitability for the year (no pressure).

3 minute read
Chris Erickson
November 28, 2023
Creating high conversion ad creative for e-commerce

TL;DR in this challenging e-commerce landscape, creative inventiveness can beat out (or overcome) traditional, digital approaches. We recommend exploring different creative ad themes, creating assets and messaging specific to the part of the funnel the audience is in, and getting specific in how you craft static images, videos, and UGC. This is one of those articles that it's better to bookmark for reference and dive into each section rather than skim so we've added a clickable table of contents on this one. The year is 2023. The cookie is on its way out the door, your competitors have all the same tools and information as you, and short of going absolutely rogue on social media a la Duolingo (we don’t offer organic social media services and as such we can’t endorse doing this), it’s a tough market for an e-commerce business to stand out in.

11 minute read
Tyler Power
November 1, 2023
An expert Q&A about data privacy

Sometimes (ok, lots of times) us marketers deal with a whole lot of conflicting information and rapid changes. This is absolutely the case when it comes to the potentially cookieless future. We don’t know everything, but we do know these two things to be true:

5 minute read
Santana Blanchette
October 17, 2023
Preparing for a cookieless future

TL;DR cookies are pieces of information about a user’s characteristics and behaviors that the user’s web browsers store as code every time they visit a website. Currently, Chrome alone has 63% of browsers globally so when they remove cookies, it’s a BIG deal. Cookies are the foundation of digital marketing targeting, tracking, and impactfulness — due to consumer privacy concerns, Chrome is getting rid of them. Likely by mid-2024 (but TBD, Google keeps pushing it back so keep an eye on the timeline here).

8 minute read
Amanda Ng