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May 22, 2024
Does in-platform reporting show business results?

In-platform reporting doesn't show business results — or at least, that was our hypothesis going into episode two of our video series, The Hypothesis. In this episode, we get into why the data from in-platform analytics is easy to manipulate, how too many data points can hurt your reporting (or data puke as Eric so eloquently calls it), and where to use in-platform reporting. Watch the full video below or listen to the episode here to get this conversation in its entirety.

2 minute read
Santana Blanchette
May 8, 2024
How should we use the marketing funnel in 2024?

It’s time to retire the marketing funnel. Or at least, that was our hypothesis going into episode one of our new video series, The Hypothesis. Over the course of the episode, we talked about how marketers use the funnel today, where they go wrong, how they can use it to their benefit, how we think of it for ads, and where we see this concept 5 years from now. Watch the full video below or listen to the episode here to get this conversation in its entirety. More of a skimmer? Keep reading for our top takeaways.

2 minute read
Santana Blanchette
April 3, 2024
Measuring incrementality with geo experiments

TL;DR: Geo experiments can show us the real sales impact of ad campaigns but should be designed and interpreted carefully. These experiments assess how advertising influences sales without compromising privacy, dividing regions into test and control groups. It's crucial to consider regional variables, historical data shifts, and test duration when designing experiments — validating results through multiple tests is essential. This form of measurement can help us with over-reliance on cookie-based attribution.

7 minute read
Eric Sloan
March 25, 2024
How to use influencer marketing in your next campaign

Influencer marketing strategies to consider for your next campaign TL;DR Influencer marketing is an important component in your social media strategy amidst declining organic reach. Key tactics include prioritizing authenticity, emphasizing engagement over follower count, leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC) creators, focusing on storytelling, aligning values and content style, and selecting influencers adept at platform-specific content creation.

4 minute read
Mikka Azores
March 20, 2024
All about hypothesis testing: an expert Q&A

We juggle a lot as growth marketers. Different tools, platforms, campaign types, strategies, creative options, and business objectives — just to name a few. But for all the testing we do to stay ahead of the curve, how do we test for the effectiveness of what we choose to focus on? Enter hypothesis testing.

6 minute read
Santana Blanchette
February 27, 2024
Why DTC brands should be using Google for top of funnel campaigns

TL;DR DTC brands miss out on sustainable growth by investing exclusively in bottom-of-funnel initiatives. Google Ads offers easily accessible tactics to grow top-of-funnel investment, especially YouTube, which serves as a strong platform to grow your brand over time (along with a handful of other tactics like Amazon DSP, TikTok, and Connected Television (CTV)). Despite measurement challenges, strategies like brand lifts and incrementality studies can provide valuable insights to validate this spending. Investing in brand awareness, even with a modest budget, can create lasting growth.

8 minute read
Chris Erickson
February 7, 2024
Marketing measurement in 2024

Winners and losers in a changing measurement landscape TL;DR cookies are going away and we're not sad about it (they weren't as effective as they promised to be anyhow) but modern marketers still need to adjust their measurement strategy. As of right now, organizations can rely on experimentation, mixed media modeling, qualitative surveys, and monitoring business performance (in addition to cookies, as long as we have them). We believe marketing teams that fully embrace experimentation and other statistical measurement techniques in 2024 and beyond are going to win against teams delaying the transition away from cookies. A culture of experimentation is the only way for marketers to win going forward.

7 minute read
Eric Sloan
January 16, 2024
We talk to Google about the future of Google in 2024

We’ve handled billions of ad dollars on the Google platform alone for our clients so it might not surprise you to learn that: A) we’re deeply invested in what the future of Google advertising holds.

5 minute read
Santana Blanchette
January 12, 2024
How to identify and avoid online job scams

With more job seekers searching for remote roles, the prevalence of scammers targeting them is on the rise. This week we were made aware of a concerning recruitment scam where external parties are posing as Thrive Digital team members and making offers of employment. These scams request sensitive information and also attempt to lure victims to fake websites and cryptocurrency investment schemes.

2 minute read
Saudat Atta