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September 15, 2023
5 ways to measure brand campaigns

TL;DR brand awareness campaigns offer some great long-term benefits over always focusing on bottom of funnel tactics but can often be tough to measure. Here are 5 ways to measure the impact of your next brand campaign:

6 minute read
Phil Ware
September 15, 2023
What to do when optimizing ROAS isn’t helping e-commerce business growth

TL;DR e-commerce businesses should take the time to understand the nuances around their profitability to create new strategies that support ROI over other traditional metrics like ROAS. One example we share here is how to maximize high-profit segments while finding a sustainable bidding strategy for low-profit groups.

4 minute read
Luisa Wen
September 15, 2023
10 steps to a successful sale

TL;DR There are 10 steps that Thrive often uses with our B2C and e-commerce clients to ensure a successful sale period. These steps are: 1) Optimize your creative by testing two distinct themes using A/B testing to determine a winner

7 minute read
Chris Erickson
September 15, 2023
Beyond attribution: understanding the incremental impact of your marketing

TL;DR The world of marketing measurement is complex and traditional attribution methods often fail to share the whole story. We believe that incrementality is a more reliable determiner of revenue outcomes than many attribution models. Incrementality is all about measuring the real impact of our ads – the stuff that wouldn't have happened without them. We measure incrementality in two ways: experiments and testing media mix modeling To get started, we suggest running small experiments and begin building an understanding of how different media channels contribute to top-line revenue.

8 minute read
Eric Sloan
September 15, 2023
Welcome to the Thrive blog

TL;DR Thrive is launching a blog! We are an expert growth marketing agency and will be using this platform to discuss all things performance marketing including paid channel management, digital strategy, performance creative, data & measurement, as well as going ons within the agency. Sign up to our email list at the bottom of this post to get blogs emailed straight to your inbox as they’re released.

2 minute read
Santana Blanchette